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El torrent

El Torrent treats every lamp as a unique piece. Therefore, qualified professionals make every lamp by hand. The company always seeks high quality raw materials both in the bases (woods, blown glasses) and in the lampshades (silks, feathers, paper with handmade drawings, ecological leather).
El Torrent designer Eloy Puig gets to connect the new market trends with the old craftsmen’s know-how and skills. The result is a novelty collection with lamps that generate sensations and create atmospheres.
Our main contribution to the lighting market is the product versatility: El Torrent can "made-to-measure" any lamp to suit any customers' needs. 
El Torrent was established in 1997. El Torrent has Distributors and clients in UK (distributor), Uñranå, Sweden (distributor), Singapur, Egypt, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, France, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Angola, Russia, Germany, Singapure, South Corea, South Arabia.

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