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Lamp International

The Lamp International products are created for the most refined taste.
The materials of lightings are being combined: the hand -made materials, created by ancient traditions and by modern leading design.
Due to reliability and professioanl work the products of LAMP INTERNATIONAL got a very wide popularity as in Italy, as well as outside of the country.
The small sizes, natural colours of trimming, smooth lines -  it is a secret of LAMP INTERNATIONAL lightings' charming.
The aluminium and still are worked up specially, gold and nickel are combined with coloured Venetian glass in Lamp International products, where the unique works of art are being born in the workshop of the factory.
In all models of Lamp International you could see the combination absolutely different decorative elements , seems like incompatible materials, which combined in nice common material by a skileed workman.
The novelty and the quality of the ideas let the Designers of LAMP INTERNATIONAL  make any shape by any request and to make them alife with lines' and silhouettes' interweaving.

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