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Aureliano Toso

   Light, for Aureliano Toso Illuminazione dal 1938: defines a new mood that is created by the lively, fascinating design and the precious materials that interpret current trends in perfect harmony and modern style.
   All the original models are guaranteed by a production system based on design quality and long-standing knowledge of the materials they use, the preferred being glass, to furnish and light up modern interiors with an advanced, bright and very personal stamp.
   All production and organizational process of Aureliano Toso Illuminazione dal 1938 are carried out in compliance with strict criteria in order to guarantee reliability and quality of products and excellent service. Constant research into improvement, constant attention to markets, the use of hight quality materials make Aureliano Toso Illumonazione dal 1938 a completely reliable company for those looking for a standÓrd product and a partner capable of creating a personalized lighting project.
   More than 50 years of experience is a guarantee and a constant development for the production of Murano traditions, where constant research into new forms and techniques are used to keep in touch with times and to be more competitive on the market.
   Today Aureliano Toso is one of the leading companies in Italy in terms of decorative internal lighting.

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