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HELLA's street lighting concept "Eco StreetLine" comprises the innovative features of LED technology combined with a modular concept and timeless design. The "Eco StreetLine" series, encompassing a total of 4 different lamp types, is accompanied by a significant reduction of CO2 emissions. With an above-average service life, the LED modules hardly require any maintenance or rarely need to be replaced, which further reduces the operating costs. The modular design allows the decoupling of light module and housing. Besides the LEDs, the module also includes the entire technology that is being further developed in line with technical progress and will be automatically upgraded with each replacement. Sustainability consistent light output (Lm), light color (K), and light distribution (LVK), regardless of technology development. Using the modular system of the LED street lighting series "Eco StreetLine already satisfies 80% of today's municipal street lighting requirements. The multilayers of the system allow a homogenous illumination of roads, car parks, crossroads, as well as industrial facilities, while simultaneously reducing light smog.

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