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„Megaluks” lighting showroom is a creative company. We do not sell mere lamps, but rather interior and exterior decoration accessories that help a true expert create a unique style and atmosphere in a room or space. A variety of forms and styles of lamps, the play of light and colour provide rich material for stylists involved in decorating interior spaces, buildings, parks and gardens.
The primary purpose of “Megaluks” showroom is providing stylists with unrestricted freedom of creative work. Our doors are always open for professionals: in our showroom you will find the most up to date catalogues of leading lighting manufacturers, our assistants are ready to advise you on specifications, availability and application of particular products, but in case of ordering and purchase of our products stylists are entitled to substantial benefits. However complicated and unusual your project may be, you can always rely on our help in selecting and installation of the necessary equipment. Moreover, should such a need arise, we will arrange a consultation with the engineer of the manufacturing company.
“Megaluks” lighting showroom holds professionalism in high esteem; therefore cooperation with us cannot but prove beneficial.

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